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ZERO1 Title Holders
ZERO1 International Jr. Heavyweight Champion
Ikuto Hidaka
Takuya Sugawara
(Won 05/23/11 vs. Ikuto Hidaka)
Won By Won From Location Date
Takuya Sugawara Ikuto Hidaka Tokyo, Japan 05/23/11
Ikuto Hidaka7 Prince Devitt Tokyo, Japan 11/29/09
Sonjay Dutt Ikuto Hidaka Tokyo, Japan 03/15/09
Ikuto Hidaka Masaaki Mochizuki Tokyo, Japan 06/26/08
Masaaki Mochizuki Ikuto Hidaka Tokyo, Japan 01/23/08
Ikuto Hidaka Dick Togo Tokyo, Japan 10/26/07
Dick Togo6 Ikuto Hidaka Tokyo, Japan 06/20/07
Tatsuhito Takaiwa 5 Ikuto Hidaka Tokyo, Japan 02/18/07
Ikuto Hidaka Minoru Fujita Tokyo, Japan 01/19/07
Minoru Fujita 4 Takuya Sugawara Kyoto, Japan 08/26/06
Tatsuhito Takaiwa Takuya Sugawara Osaka, Japan 07/27/06
Takuya Sugawara Ikuto Hidaka Tokyo, Japan 02/26/06
Ikuto Hidaka Super Crazy Tokyo, Japan 04/14/05
Super Crazy Tatsuhito Takaiwa Chiba, Japan 12/18/04
Tatsuhito Takaiwa 3 Tony Stradlin Tokyo, Japan 05/16/04
Wataru Sakata 2 Low Ki Gifu, Japan 08/31/03
Low Ki Spanky Tokyo, Japan 09/16/02
Spanky 1 Smelly Sapporo, Japan 06/29/02
1 Decision match to determine the first champion.
2 Vacates on 04/12/04 to participate in the Tenka-Ichi Jr. Tournament 2004.
3 Decision match for vacated title.
4 Tatsuhito Takaiwa vacates title to participate in the Tenka-Ichi Jr. Tournament 2006. Fujita wins the finals versus Sugawara and is recognized as the 2006 Tenka-Ichi champion and the new AWA World Jr. Heavyweight title.
5 This match was a double titles match for both the AWA World Jr. Title and the GHC Junior Heavyweight titles. Takaiwa was the GHC Jr. Champion at the time.
6 Tatsuhito Takaiwa had to vacate the title on 05/06/07 due to injury. This was a Royal Rumble battle royal decision match that Togo finally won by pinning Ikuto Hidaka. Other wrestlers in the battle royal were: Minoru Fujita (ZERO1-MAX), Naoki Tanizaki (Free), Madoka (K-Dojo), Masao Orihara (FEC), Ikuto Hidaka (ZERO1-MAX), GENTARO (Apache Army), Takuya Sugawara (El Dorado), Dick Togo (FEC) and El Blazer (Free)
7 The title was awarded to the winner of the Tenka-Ichi Jr. Tournament 2009, Ikuto Hidaka. Previous champion Sonjay Dutt lost to Prince Devitt in the semi-finals, and then Devitt was defeated by Hidaka in the finals.
ADDITIONAL NOTES: This title was originally recognized as the NWA/UPW/ZERO-ONE International Junior Title. When ZERO-ONE withdrew from the NWA on 10/31/04 it was recognized as the ZERO-ONE/UPW/WORLD-1 International Junior Title.

ZERO1-MAX joins the AWA and on 2/28/05 the title was then recognized as the AWA/ZERO1-MAX/UPW/WORLD-1 Junior title.

The title then recognized as the "4 Company" International Junior or commonly as the ZERO1-MAX International Junior Heavyweight Title.

For the Tenka Ichi Jr. Tournament 2006 the title is declared vacant and re-named the AWA World Jr. Heavyweight title. The winner of the tournament, Minoru Fujita, is recognized as the 2006 Tenka-Ichi Tournament Champion and the 1st AWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

On December 15, 2007 ZERO1-MAX ends its contract with the AWA. The belt once more becomes known as the International Junior Heavyweight Title.
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